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Gold Claims For Sale in BC

What do you need to know to buy a claim?

  1. You will need a "Free Miner's Certificate" or “FMC”
    1. First step in getting a “FMC” is to get a “BCEID”  this allows you to use online government services.  You will need a “Business BCEID” for accessing the Mineral Titles Online web service.  The BCEID process can be started online, but you must show your ID in person at a BC government agent.  If you are from out of province, you can still get a BCEID and FMC but you have to show ID in person in a BC government office. http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Titles/MineralTitles/faq/Pages/bceid.aspx
    2. Once you have a “BCEID” you can get your “FMC” from the same government agent.  It will cost $25.00. A “FMC” is required to hold  a claim in BC. http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Titles/MineralTitles/faq/Pages/fmc.aspx
    3. Now you can familiarize yourself with “Mineral Titles Online” or “MTO”.  This is the web site that controls all placer and mineral claim activity in BC. https://www.mtonline.gov.bc.ca/mtov/home.do
  2. Know what you are getting.
    1. What is the access like.  How close can you drive, how far do you have to walk.
    2. What is the expiry date of the claim.
    3. How large is the claim.  (Each cell is about 50 acres)
    4. How much of the claim can be mined. Overlapping legacy tenures, crown grants,  first nations land, or placer reserves can all create areas on your claim you can not touch.
    5. Is there known gold in the area.
      • Are there other claims in the area
      • Has the claim been tested
      • Are you permitted to go test it yourself
    6. Has it been machine worked in the past. (this is not always a bad thing, but it is nice to know.  Some of the best deposits are beside old workings)
  3. What can you do on the claim?
    1. Without additional permits, you can do what is call “Hand mining”  the following link will take you to a document explaining what is allowed under “Hand Mining”. Placer Gold HAND Mining in BC Rules and Guidelines.pdf
    2. With additional permits you can do what is known as “Machine mining” in order to be approved for machine mining, you will need to fill in a “Notice Of Work” or “NOW” application.  Below is a link to help understand this process. Placer Information-MACHINE Placer Mining, NoW in BC.pdf
  4. How to complete the transfer from the seller’s name to yours.
    1. You will need a BCEID and FMC before you can do this.
    2. Go to the MTO web page. https://www.mtonline.gov.bc.ca/mtov/home.do
    3. Scroll down and choose the “Logon” button
    4. Enter your BCEID Username and password
    5. Click on “Next” on the post login screen
    6. Choose the tab called “Tenure Management”
    7. Choose the option called “Placer Tenure Transfer of Ownership (Bill of Sale Completion)”
    8. Choose “Next” one more time.
    9. As long as the seller has already started the transfer, there will be an outstanding transfer event.  Click on this event.
    10. MTO will ask you if you want to accept the transfer, click “Next”
    11. You are done, when MTO says “Event has been saved”
  5. How do you extend you expiry date?
    1. Before your claim expires, you need to either file a report showing the value of work done to your claim, or pay $ in Lieu of the work.
    2. About 12 hours of work, per cell, will get your claim for an additional year.  It can be extended up to 10 years into the future.
    3. Working a claim for 12 hours is much cheaper than paying in Lieu as it cost $800 per cell for one year.
    4. http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Titles/MineralTitles/Pub/Forms/Pages/PhysicalWork.aspx

6. It is the buyer's responibility to:

    1. Notify any landowners, or get permission from first nations to work on thier lands.
    2. Know and follow the mines act and related regulation.
    3. Submit work reports or cash in lue before the claim expires.
    4. Do your reserch before you buy. All sales are final.